Friday, April 8

Entertain Yourself with Your Own Story

Everyone has a story to tell. It's now time to tell yours. The best stories are usually the ones we tell ourselves.


Come up with your own story.

Just try to see if you can come up with a juicy story that only you will, can or might enjoy. Try and see if you can write a short drama that only you may read. Or even a short story.

Now you can make the story weird. You can make it humorous. You can give it any type of twist or spin you want.

Don't worry. It's for your eyes (and ears) only.

The point here is strictly for you to just get a little bit imaginative and creative. 

Sunday, February 14

30-Day Valentine!

Love is in the air. Everywhere is painted red. Yes, it’s another Valentine’s Day.

But I’m not happy.

Wait, hold on. It’s not what you think.

Let me explain.

Tuesday, February 2

Deal With That Insecurity Now!

A lot of people are insecure.

It's not something you should be ashamed of if you are because it's not really your fault though on the other hand, it's equally not something you should be proud you have.

In fact, if the truth must be told, insecurity is something we should endeavor to do away with for us to be truly free.

Our feeling of being insecure can come in many ways but in general it's more often than not just a feeling of not being adequate.

It could be that we see ourselves as not being good enough; not being qualified or equal with others, not as talented as others, not pretty or beautiful enough, not rich enough, always having to play catch up, and so on...

The problem is that all these feelings tend to make the insecure individual to become catty, somewhat self loathing, always envious, etc.

The feeling is killing. It's so terrible.

Monday, January 25

Create A Challenge on Facebook


Don’t  you think it’s high time you infuse some fun into your social (media) life, huh?

Of course.

Social media is all about networking, or should I say, is all about connecting... all about connecting one another, so, I guess it wouldn’t hurt at all if you decide to make this connection a lot more fun than simply checking up on your ‘friends’,  posting and making comments, reading tweets and re-tweeting, clicking likes and shares, poking one another and all that…

Wednesday, November 4

Sell Something Useful to Someone

Oh yes. It’s time for you to do some marketing. Time to get your marketing grooves on! So lemme ask you this question right now: do you have something… anything, to sell?

Oh well, I know most of us already hate this whole idea of marketing and most of us will even happily admit they have nothing to sell but just a second… take a moment and look at it closely, I bet you’ll start seeing that somehow, there’s always something to sell!

In fact, for those of us who really don’t like the idea of selling or think they have nothing to do with marketing, lemme make it clear to all of us now that that’s exactly what we are doing every time we do something and we want someone to like us for it.

Of course…