Friday, August 22

Refresh Your O'level Mathematics Skills

There are some subjects in the school that have always defeated you.

For most people I know, that subject is usually mathematics. Usually O’level mathematics.

Now, it’s time for you to prove that you are a winner. It’s now time for you to be go to the top.

Sunday, August 10

Do A Charity Work

Doing charity work is very good. You can see it as giving back to the society.

It's all about rendering your own help in your own capacity.

Yes, you are giving the society your time, your energy, your resources and that’s because you know you are helping out someone out there, directly or indirectly.

And that is exactly where the fun lies.

Tuesday, August 5

Call A Random Person

This one is just pure pranks.

I do it when I am bored. I also do it when I feel like causing someone somewhere to become suddenly awed.

Surprising things awaits you when you do something like this.

In my own case, I almost got a girlfriend when I did this. I switched the last two digits of my phone number and dialed.

Saturday, August 2

Develop your Vocabulary

Oh yes, this can be so much fun and it pays. In fact, it is advisable that you make this into an everyday exercise.

Make a list of difficult English words and try and work them up into a sentence.

Why this is fun is because you will be able to know and even speak better with your knowledge of more words.

It doesn't stop there.

Wednesday, July 30

Make a (Small) Movie and Upload It To YouTube

In today’s world, all thanks to technology and internet, anyone can easily become anything he or she wants on the web.

Today you can seize the opportunity to become a movie producer and actor all rolled in one by simply making your own video and uploading it on YouTube – for free!

So what are waiting for?