Boredom made me do this...and that's my confession!

So I was bored. It was not exactly out of physical exhaustion. It was more of a mental and spiritual boredom. What is the word for it again? Yes, depressed.

I was in low spirits and then these terrible thoughts crept into my psyche.

And I started reminiscing and considering the things in my life that doesn’t make me feel so great. The pains. The regrets. The unforgettable mistakes. The losses. The lies. The doubts. The fears. The forlornness. And the missed opportunities. The dashed hopes. The wasted times. The misplaced priorities. The promises unfulfilled. And the betrayals. The failed expectations and the so many misunderstandings. The ghosts from the past. The things that were not supposed to happen that happen. Plus the vague and dicey future…

I knew myself so well and I knew that unless I lift myself out of that low spirit state, next thing on the menu will be a severe melancholia prior to a complete nervous breakdown coupled with this inexplicable anger from nowhere. These things normally happen to me when I am that bored.

So I decided to pull the plug on my depression fast. I knew there was only one way to do this effectively. I have to return to my happy state.

That’s the whole point. Isn't that one of the main reasons why we are here on this planet? Yes, we are here to experience happiness!

Luckily for me, I read a lot of motivational stuffs. So I already have the blueprint for attaining a happy state.

So I took the first step and started doing what I normally do in such situations.

I started thinking about inventing some real fun!

How can someone add some spark to his life? What things can I participate in to achieve fun? What interesting things will I like to do now to become happy and kick my sadness away? What are those things that people do because it gives them joy?

The thoughts started to materialize. And I started to regain my happiness. And I started to motivate myself. And I started recollecting those things that will actually give my life some meaning and direction.

I became elated. I could feel the positive energy beginning to flow through me as an idea started forming in my mind. My creative juices started to flow as they usually do whenever such ideas hit me. I quickly brought out my pen and paper and started listing down some of those things as quickly as they entered my memory.

I was now having fun with myself; my state of melancholy completely forgotten. As I fantasized and fondled with the ideas, I could hear my heart beat excitedly even as my blood flow gradually restored to normal.

As my list grew, I started considering putting them down for someone who might also be seeking for ways to achieve happiness.

It really sounded like fun. I could hear the voice of a friend who once asked me this question: WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME?

This really got me thinking. I started imagining those things I would like to do even if it just for once, and most especially, even if it was just for the first time. The ideas kept on coming.

So I thought maybe I should just write a book out of it and almost immediately, I decided to call the book 100 Things You Should Do Before You Die.

What 100 things?

While I was still contemplating this, another idea struck me!

Why don't you just make it something into a blog? That way, it will be more interactive and so many people will still get to read it and also get their chance to tell you what they think as well as suggest and share their own ideas and experience to add to our collective fun! Who knows, we might even end up inventing and pushing it to more than a 100 fun ideas!

Great! Sounds good! So I invented this blog, straightaway!

As you will soon be finding out, in a few pages from now, some of those are things you already knew, assuming you have been an ardent reader of motivational stuffs. Some of them, you will find out you are already doing, albeit unconsciously. But I am sure and I can bet that some of them, you've never ever considered!

Which means you MUST check all of them in my list out, if not for anything, but just to make sure you have not been missing out of the fun of living this life.

Don’t think you can’t do this because one thing I know for sure is that any one of these 100 things can easily make you happy, just like mere thinking about it made me.

Some of them might take you a long time to actually execute whereas some will not even take you more than a few seconds and you are happy. The best part is that while coming up with my list, I took great care to carefully select those things I believe everybody, yes everybody…anybody, can do!

So are you with me? Do you want to know those things? Don’t tell me that by now you are not dying to see some of these things I saw that made happy at once? Do you like yourself that much that you are willing and committed to make yourself happy? Are you ready to add some nice stuffs to your happiness wish list?

Of course, I know you are.

So? So jump in and come and ride with me now. Seat belts fastened?


Good, let’s go there!

Let's go see some exciting ideas now!!!