I am just your ordinary John Doe who likes to have fun!

When you visualize me or imagine the type of person I am, I would want you to always visualize a swirling sea.

I think I am full of ideas and to prevent myself from bursting and blowing to pieces, I have to express myself by voicing out my opinions through this blog and my several other blogs.

You see, the thing is that I love writing. I love talking. I love imagining things. I love visualizing. I love discussing ideas. I love giving advice. In fact, I just love exchanging information.

These things are so much fun to me!

These are some of the results of my writing, and imagining and visualizing experiment. They are some of the books I have published on both Amazon and Smashwords. You can visit the links to see for yourself.

Funny Shady Bible Stories You Were Never Told!

Who Will Bail Us Out?

And so much more...

I like to think myself versatile because I am!

It's my prayer, my wish, and my hope that while you are here with me, you will find one or two ideas that will help you to add that much needed spark to your life - our lives!