Saturday, October 13

How Awesome Are You?

Yes, I want you to think about it now!

How awesome are you?

Can you really come up with at least a 100 things that makes you awesome?!

Yeah, it’s that time again you do some reality check on yourself.

Do you believe you are awesome?

Okay,  lemme put it this way: do you believe you could be awesome?

Well, I don’t know about you.

But I know I am awesome.

This is not by any means a self praising journey.

It is the truth.

I am awesome.

Let me show you why I think so.

I am always happy.

I smile.

Awesome Me!
I have read a lot of good books which means I have acquired a lot of knowledge which is power.

I am free.

I like sex.

I forgive others.

I don’t have a girlfriend… yet! 😁

I understand others are different.

I am open minded.

I don’t have a lot of money…  but do I even need to have a lot of money?

I have so many friends.

I have been to school.

I don’t know how to sing… very well.

And I can’t dance… very well.

I don’t let things to worry me so much.

I have a lot of powerful business ideas.

I can tell good stories.

I make people smile… and laugh.

I write this very blog too.

And so much more…

I could go on and on…

So you see, the list could be endless.

And I will like to believe the same applies to you.

So check yourself now.

I believe you already have lots and lots of things that makes you an awesome being.

Can you make a list of that?

Then do it!

It’s fun.

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