Thursday, April 27

Take Interest In Another Sports

Do you like sports?

Of course, you should.

Anybody who wants to be healthy should love sports, right?

Of course.

But I’m not just talking about your physical fitness here.

Besides, I know you wouldn’t like to ‘stress’ your body so never mind to physically work on yourself... for now.

I’m talking about you taking interest in sporting activities.

I mean, do you pay attention to any sports?
Well, for most people all around the world, most people will tick soccer as their most favourite sports so I will have to start there when I rephrase my question.

Do you have interest in any other sports apart from the popular soccer?

Don’t you think it’s now time for a change.

Personally, I’m now beginning to take so much interest in tennis.

I’ve never paid any interest to tennis before.

I felt it’s just one of those games dominated by the Serena Williams and Novak Djokovics of this world.

But now...

I am now taking full interest in the game of tennis.

Your time to serve!
I have been wondering how scores (or should I say, points) are counted in the game of tennis and how a winner is decided.

You’ll agree with me that tennis is just one of the sports which you can take interest in.
But there are so many other ones.

How many players make up a team in lacrosse?

What is a birdie in the game of golf?

How long does a game of basketball last as in the duration?

What is the standard length of a hockey pitch?

What’s the difference between futsal and soccer?

Who is the current defending champion in boxing in the heavyweight category? In fact, how many ranks are there in boxing? Can you name them?

Which international sports body regulates swimming?

All these are some of the interesting things you will start to become conversant with if only you will start to take interest in so many other sports.

Where’s the fun?

Of course, the fun lies in knowing.

Truth is, the more you know, the more fun in trying to know more.

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