Friday, April 8

Entertain Yourself with Your Own Story

Everyone has a story to tell. It's now time to tell yours. The best stories are usually the ones we tell ourselves.


Come up with your own story.

Just try to see if you can come up with a juicy story that only you will, can or might enjoy. Try and see if you can write a short drama that only you may read. Or even a short story.

Now you can make the story weird. You can make it humorous. You can give it any type of twist or spin you want.

Don't worry. It's for your eyes (and ears) only.

The point here is strictly for you to just get a little bit imaginative and creative. 
Trust me; you will certainly relish the fun in doing this.

I have a story to tell
You might decide to be 100% original and come up with your own ideas.


You can decide to work on someone's idea. For instance, you can start from criticizing a movie or a story book in which you didn’t so much like the ending or beginning or any part of it.

Now you can start to add your own angle. You might decide to come up with a better way in which you think the author or writer should have done better.

It doesn’t hurt so far as you will find so much fun in doing that.
But wait a minute...

Who says you will have to stop there?

Of course, you can take it a little further and bring your work to consummation by letting others know what you came up with.


That's usually what creativity is all about—create something in your mind, and then allow others see what you've done!

Don't forget that we all love stories. But most importantly, we love to hear the stories of others.

And chances are, if you find your own stories interesting, there's every possibility there might be others who would too.

That's exactly how great authors are born!

It all begins by telling yourself the story first!

So give it a try.


Oh, by the way, I have done it before and I already know it was pure fun. Check out the little piece of drama I came up with and who knows, you might even like them like I did.

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