Tuesday, February 2

Deal With That Insecurity Now!

A lot of people are insecure.

It's not something you should be ashamed of if you are because it's not really your fault though on the other hand, it's equally not something you should be proud you have.

In fact, if the truth must be told, insecurity is something we should endeavor to do away with for us to be truly free.

Our feeling of being insecure can come in many ways but in general it's more often than not just a feeling of not being adequate.

It could be that we see ourselves as not being good enough; not being qualified or equal with others, not as talented as others, not pretty or beautiful enough, not rich enough, always having to play catch up, and so on...

The problem is that all these feelings tend to make the insecure individual to become catty, somewhat self loathing, always envious, etc.

The feeling is killing. It's so terrible.

The insecure always has this feeling that he's not accepted. He can equally be shy too. His inferiority complex makes him think or feel that he's a loser so he's never up for a challenge. He is afraid of letting his voice to be heard, even though deep down himself, that may be exactly what he's dying to do.

No wonder, he can also be feeling depressed most of the time as a result of so many thoughts of regrets and feeling of shame bedeviling him.

In some extreme cases, these feelings can also lead to the individual being constantly engaged in unscrupulous backbiting in a sorry attempt to 'pull everyone down' with him since he'll feel good if everyone is 'down'.

Oh my! Why do I always feel this way?
Simply put, the insecure is not happy. Deep inside, he's very sad. He's terribly scared. He's painfully lonely. He wants to reach out to others but he just can't overcome this terrible feeling of being not adequate.

The feeling of being laughed at or judged at all times completely weighs him down all the time and totally robs him off all the joy and happiness he could experience in life.

But it is not supposed to be that way.

Which explains why we are here today.

We want to do battle with that feeling of insecurity. Oh yes! We are going to deal with that insecurity with the hope of 'freeing' ourselves from its debilitating effects as from now on.

But how do we do this?

Of course, it's simple. We have to attack the problem from its source.

And where exactly is its source?

Of course, it's in our minds. That's where the feeling of being insecure is deeply entrenched.

So, for a start, we have to replace all those deep seated feeling of not being 'equal' or good enough with strong statements of affirmation.

We need to convince ourselves that we are good enough. And most importantly, we need to start believing in ourselves and—in our abilities!

Even if no one else does... 

Listen. It's very important that we do this. Because, at the end of the day, what really matters is what or who we tell ourselves we are.

So are you ready for some of those statements of affirmations?


If you find yourself to be the insecure type we have been describing all along, then you can start today to make some positive changes by saying the following to yourself:

I know I can do it.

Everybody makes mistakes.

No one knows it all.

I can be the best if  I really want to.

I'm not afraid.

Tomorrow is another day.

We learn everyday

This is my time.

I will always do my best.

Let's do this.

Just do it.

I know my worth.

God loves me.

There's no going back.

I'm alive.

I believe you get my point now, huh?

Of course, I know you do. Don't just say it. You've got to believe it. Seriously, you've got to make yourself believe it, okay?


So take it from me. The feeling of being insecure is an 'inside' job. So is happiness too. I'd rather choose to be happy.

Likewise you.

I've every right to be happy!
Oh yes.

You have the right to be happy.

Don't ever forget that.

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