Monday, January 25

Create A Challenge on Facebook


Don’t  you think it’s high time you infuse some fun into your social (media) life, huh?

Of course.

Social media is all about networking, or should I say, is all about connecting... all about connecting one another, so, I guess it wouldn’t hurt at all if you decide to make this connection a lot more fun than simply checking up on your ‘friends’,  posting and making comments, reading tweets and re-tweeting, clicking likes and shares, poking one another and all that…

While thinking about this and thinking of how to  I can make my social media lifetime more interesting or engaging, I came up with this idea: why not create a challenge on Facebook or something…?

Well, I wouldn’t say the idea isn’t actually new because people have been doing it all along.

So why not you?


I know your next question might be: ‘Okay, alright, but what type of challenge?’

Well, I thought about that too and thankfully, I had some interesting ideas for you too.

At least, that’s the idea that came to me. I said to myself, maybe I should ask my Facebook friends to ask me any type of question and I will respond.

Who knows the type of questions they might ask me? Will those questions be really embarrassing? Will those questions throw me off? Will those questions reveal their real feelings about me? Will I be able to answer truthfully?

Hmm, I think I'm getting scared already!

Well, I guess that’s the fun part too.

Or maybe, I should point them to my blog to read and make comments with the promise of rewarding the persons with the best and most comments?

I have seen some bloggers do this. Mind you, it’s a win-win business strategy assuming you choose to go this way.

Or maybe I will just keep it simple by creating a spelling challenge or maybe, posting certain math or logic questions on my Wall with a promise of gifting the first one to two or five or ten or even twenty or hundred of those that answered correctly?

I can even make it simpler by copying exactly what I saw on someone’s post the other day where he asked his Facebook friends or Twitter followers to write all the words that can be derived from the word TELEVISION.

You see, I can easily build a strong following on my social media platform if I can sustain these challenges.

So think about it.

While I was trying to conclude writing this very piece, another idea even struck me: why not write an eBook on the various interesting challenges you can create on Facebook and put it on Amazon?

So you see, one idea leads to another.

Which is also part of fun because you may never know what may come next, or how big your idea might become.

The ball is now in your court.


Go ahead. Create your own Facebook challenge.

And don’t fail to tell me about it… please.

'Cause I wouldn't mind to participate in yours if you invite me, just like I wish you will so much like to participate in mine assuming I decide to kick it off anytime soon, right?


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