Wednesday, November 4

Sell Something Useful to Someone

Oh yes. It’s time for you to do some marketing. Time to get your marketing grooves on! So lemme ask you this question right now: do you have something… anything, to sell?

Oh well, I know most of us already hate this whole idea of marketing and most of us will even happily admit they have nothing to sell but just a second… take a moment and look at it closely, I bet you’ll start seeing that somehow, there’s always something to sell!

In fact, for those of us who really don’t like the idea of selling or think they have nothing to do with marketing, lemme make it clear to all of us now that that’s exactly what we are doing every time we do something and we want someone to like us for it.

Of course…

When we create art. When we create ideas and then we share those ideas with others because we just so much want them to buy into our ideas and see things the way we see it and accept our opinion. When we persuade and convert others to our own religion or belief system. When we compete with others. When we advertise our merchandise and skills, so that others will become aware that we have them. In short, when we try as much as possible to use every little opportunity we get to show others how great we are…

What do you think we are doing when we do stuff like that? It’s marketing, my dear. Simple and short, we are always marketing. Even though we may not have realized it.

The end goal of marketing is always happiness. You aim to achieve whatever you deem to be happiness at the end of every successful marketing process. That, my dear friend, is the essence of marketing.

And that, is why I feel you should give marketing a try now… today! Yes, go ahead and embrace the derivable joy and happiness that is a result of your marketing efforts.

But wait a minute… because that’s not all. Marketing is not all about being happy because you successfully concluded a sale or something.


Remember, marketing will also do you a whole lot of good for you. Apart from earning that money which certainly motivates so many of us from your marketing efforts, you can also brush up your public speaking skills, brush up your latent copywriting talents, fine tune your persuasive abilities, build your own large network of business partners, speak convincingly to people and influence them, meet others and overcome your shyness or social anxiety by having some conversation with them, and most importantly master how to humbly and effectively ask others for help.

So you see, so many things and so many reasons for you to embrace marketing right away!

So lemme ask you again: do you have anything to sell?

You might want to say no but today, it’s all about to change. Because you are going to identify something you have and then sell it to another person who will find it very useful.

Truth is, like I said earlier, there’s always something to sell.

Let's make a deal!

Hey, just a moment! About that, just so we’re clear, hope you know I’m not talking about selling your body, or selling stolen items, all in the name of marketing, right?!

Of course, not.

And then again, whatever you are selling MUST be very useful, and not dangerous in any way, to your buyers, okay? No illicit drugs, no harmful substance, no fake products, and all that, is that understood?


So, have you got something very useful to sell?

Good, then go ahead and sell it! You could be selling only to one person. You could be selling to the whole world!

Start making your lists of things you might want to sell to others right now. It could be physical; it could be non-physical. It could be your product. It could be another person’s product.

You could be selling your old or used items. You could be selling your idea or some information you have. You could be promoting your blog or even any of your favorite blogs and informing people about how great the blog is. You could become an affiliate of a company and start promoting the company. You could be making a very important post and getting more likes or retweets of social media.

It’s all selling. It’s all advertising. It’s all marketing. Believe it or not, you have a very wide range of goods and services you can pick from to market to others!

So give it a try. It won't hurt you at all. Rather, the experience garnered will go a very long way...

Let others, i.e. your buyers, know how great what you are selling to them really is. Give them an idea of what they stand to GAIN by buying your product. Also, don’t forget to let them know what they stand to MISS by not buying into your idea or product.

Because according to Anthony Robbins, that’s exactly what selling is all about. It is the basis of all marketing. He says most people simply buy things because the thing they buy will EITHER increase their JOY (or happiness) or lessen their PAIN.

So what is your product (or services) going to do for your clients?

Figure it out, let them know it, and then go ahead and sell it to them!

Oh, please... one more thing. As a prospective good marketer, don't ever forget to get a feedback from your customers. Make it a point to ask them, if and whenever you can, how much they enjoyed what you 'sold' to them.

People, most people, do appreciate that.

Good luck.

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So go get them.

That will be all… for now!

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