Thursday, July 2

Invent Something

Yes, become an inventor.

Invent something.

You can do it if you set your mind to it, trust me!

It might be an equation. It might be a way of doing something that you just discovered. Formulate your own theory. State something you have observed.

It might even be a new thing entirely.

Think of a new way of increasing profit in your work place. Think of how to become famous. Get into the Guinness book of record.

Of course, it can be anything crazy! Most world changing ideas often seem so crazy at first!

For example, I am thinking of how to convert my android phone into something like a device you might fancy.

Any guess?

Okay, listen...

You see, I first got the idea of converting my android phone to something like a mirror after I realized I have been starring at it aimlessly for quite sometime.

Hurray! It sounded like a very good idea! I set to work by asking myself what the kind of tools I will need to bring this to existence.

Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me to check if someone has done something like that before!

And lo and behold, I saw not one, not two, not three but so many Android mirror apps already available on Google Play Store!

My dream just died!

But I still had some consolation in that the mirror apps were not so awesome! Maybe, that's because I downloaded the free ones, I guess...?

But I later realized that my dream of inventing a crazy Android app never died.

Which brings us to this new idea I now have which I said you should guess.

Well, if you didn't guess it correctly, the thing is that this latest idea struck me while I was—you guessed right—starring at my phone again!

Then I was like... what if this phone can be used as a hair clipper for shaving beards, haircuts and... you know... the rest?


Next-gen Hair clipper?

Well, I must admit that I haven't checked it out again on Play Store probably because I'm afraid of getting disappointed again.

I must also admit that I haven't considered the idea again since that first day it hit me. The fervor has died down. In fact, I'm now looking for another world changing phenomenon to invent.

But who knows, you might.

Which is why I'm wishing you good luck already in whatever thing you decide to invent!

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