Wednesday, November 12

Buy Someone You Just Met a Meal

Or a drink. Or both.

Go ahead and make the request from him or her. It doesn't even have to be a very expensive or elaborate meal.

You just want to share the fun in his or her surprise due to your kind gesture!

You might decide to make small talks. But you might also decide to leave.

And should this person asks for your name you might just say you are a passing angel.

Wow! Isn’t that great?! Meeting a passing angel...just like Abraham!

Just try it. Let me tell you what you might discover.

C'mon, let's surprise someone!
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Trust me, you will be surprised with what you may suddenly discover.

First, I can bet you will discover that you are capable of surprising yourself when you discover that you are not even as shy as you thought you were.

You will find out that you were not afraid of strangers as you thought. You will find out that you can actually make someone…anyone, happy.

You will also find out that you are not just helping someone out.

You are actually making the world a better place.

Try and see...

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