Monday, September 1

Criticize and complain

Yes, it is time for you to go on the offensive. And to do that effectively, you have to criticize and complain about something or some things that you don’t like.

Luckily for us, there are so many other things anyone who wishes to complain or criticize can use as his or her target.

So for a start, you can start by criticizing a movie or a book or a song or anything you don't like...

I know most times we are encouraged not to complain but rather to concentrate on how to get across or around the issues that gives rise to such complaints.

Yes, it's time to complain!!!
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People are also advised not to concentrate on complaining or criticizing because it is often called a wasteful way of channeling you energy.

But now I am saying you should complain.


Of course, it is simply because complaining is so much fun. And I want you to have that fun.

Through complaining you let off some steam, some bottled up anger. Complaining will enable you to blame all those you really want to blame for something you think they didn’t do so well or do to your taste without actually hurting anybody and without feeling the guilt.

Then we you are through with the complaint, remember that it will serve your purpose well if you will also decide to make notes and jot down those points or issues you raised while complaining.

Who knows…you might provide their answers or solutions one of these days?

So go ahead and start complaining now!

I'm listening.

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