Tuesday, August 5

Call A Random Person

This one is just pure pranks.

I do it when I am bored. I also do it when I feel like causing someone somewhere to become suddenly awed.

Surprising things awaits you when you do something like this.

In my own case, I almost got a girlfriend when I did this. I switched the last two digits of my phone number and dialed.

The sweet feminine voice I heard at the other end completed the fun for me.

We even planned to see if we could set up a face to face meeting so that we could see whether we could take things further.

We didn't.
Have fun playing this prank
Image courtesy imagerymajestic/freedigital photos.net
But that’s not my point.

The main thing is that you can open yourself to a whole lot of new and interesting experience if you are capable of interchanging certain numbers on your phone.


So, you can copy me. You can get creative. In fact, you are free to try this at home – now!

Because it is fun.

Trust me.

So much fun.

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