Wednesday, July 30

Make a (Small) Movie and Upload It To YouTube

In today’s world, all thanks to technology and internet, anyone can easily become anything he or she wants on the web.

Today you can seize the opportunity to become a movie producer and actor all rolled in one by simply making your own video and uploading it on YouTube – for free!

So what are waiting for?

Maybe you have been dreaming and hoping to put your acting skills out there for people to see and judge and rate you but you were shy enough to move ahead?

Maybe you have some wonderful movie ideas to put out there put you were financially restrained?

YouTube: Make Your Own Video
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The good news is that you can now do all that. Your home movie doesn’t necessarily have to be so lengthy. Short clips are also allowed.

Make your video. Point your friends to it. I'm sure they will like it and you will like that they like it. And that's fun!

If it helps, I will also like to remind you that you can even earn some money while doing something like this.

Who knows your video might just become the next big thing. Remember, Justin Bieber was discovered through the video he made and uploaded on YouTube in 2007.

Also remember that you cannot upload anything pörnographic on YouTube because it is not allowed, okay?

Stop reading now and go and make that video!

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