Friday, July 11

Go Back To The Past

To achieve total happiness, sometimes, you also need events from your past to do this effectively.

Granted the past is the past but then it is still part of you as long as it is still locked up somewhere in the reveries of your memory.

And you are your memory.

Sometimes, most especially when things are not going as according to plans or when you are in great need of some encouragement and such is not coming, then you might need help from the past.

And this very help could easily come from remembering some good things that happened to you in the past.

The Present and the Future Depend on the Past
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I know some people say the past should not play a part in whatever one is doing and their reasons include melancholia and reminiscence of things that could have been or errors and regrets from the past.

But I still maintain that the past could still be so much fun especially if it was really fun.

This is how I go back to reclaim my past memories of fun. I just try to remember those moments, those times, that things were so rosy and so carefree and fun filled for me.

For most of us, this is usually sometime during our childhood.

I sometimes use music to do this. Remember that very music that has a way of helping you to remember or think of the past?

Yes. Can you still hear it in your head? Can you still play it? Okay.

You are invited to copy me. Go ahead and start playing it. Soon you will find yourself consumed with the feeling of nostalgia.

Don't say I didn't warn you. The feeling of nostalgia can also be so sad, so you better pick your music or what you want to remember wisely and carefully, okay?

Alright, fine.


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