Thursday, July 17

Have A Wonderful and Enjoyable Sәx

Yeah! You should try this one at home!

Sәx is something we all love. Wait a minute…did I say we all…?

Anyway, I hope I’m not wrong about this but then let’s just say I am speaking for myself and yourself too and we like it because it is a  natural basic instinct for us as people.

Now what I want us to do now is to step up the tempo by saying let’s make the experience wonderfully wild.

It is one thing we owe ourselves. No one can describe it for you. You have to find it for yourself.

You have to make it happen for you, even if it is just this once!

Just do it!
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Enough said.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So, you should be better to do that which brings you joy. You know the sәxual moves that gets you hot. You know what turns you on. You know your wildest desires and fantasies.

Let down your guards and allow yourself this pleasure. Be free. Give yourself the permission. Time to stop being shy. Go ahead and ask for it from your partner.

You never know. You might be surprised when your wish is actually granted!

As long as your sәxual desires don’t involve harming any other person or persons and moreover as so as long as you have a willing partner, I am down with whatever you chose.

I am not a sәx expert so I am not going to bore you down by claiming I am one and telling you what to do or not do.

Similarly, I am not going to start telling you the benefits of having sәx. All I can say is that sәx is fun for me and it could be for you, if you so choose.

So please choose to have a wonderful wild sәx—at least once—before you die!

But please remember to play it safe!
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