Friday, July 4

Forgive someone

For some people doing something like this might be so difficult. The truth is that some people just know how to bear grudges.

Yes, in life so many people are out to get you. Some have already.

As long as you are alive on this planet, there is every possibility that you will at one point in your life come across someone whose sole purpose seems to be to do you something  very bad.

The truth is that we are all people. All humans with our respective problems.

What I want you to do now is to remember those who might be in need of your forgiveness.

Then it’s time to summon enough courage to finally let go now.

Forgive and Forget!
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Granted, you may be seething and seeking for your own pound of flesh. You may also be feeling like telling me to go to hell right now because I am not in your shoes to feel the terrible things he or she or they must have done to you.


But just remember that you are doing yourself so much harm carrying all that crushing burden. Unless you are going to tell me you really enjoy doing that, which I seriously doubt!

So, please, it's time to let go.

And oh...while we are at this, I think it will also be helpful if I remind you to take this moment to ask someone - whom you might have wronged-- for his or her forgiveness too...

That way, the feeling will be complete.

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