Tuesday, June 10

Write A Book

Have you ever wondered how it will feel if and when you die, and no one remembers you?

Think of all those people that you still remember because of the things they did even though they died some hundreds of years ago?

If you look closely, you will find out that almost all of these people wrote a book or books. Of course, if you haven't figured it out by now, these guys, they recorded down their thoughts so that others will later read and maybe benefit from it.

That is why today we can talk of Charles Darwin and his Origin of Species and we can talk of Albert Einstein and his Principles of Relativity.

Mind you, it is not only books that one can write. People also record their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, pains, etc in the form of music and stories which are told with novels and dramas and poems. Some others can do so with their paintings.

The main point is to get your thoughts out there!

In today’s world of internet, we now have blogs, podcast, eBooks and websites where people are still recording their thoughts for others to make use of and benefit as the case might be.

So what about you? How do you want us to remember you now and when you are finally gone?

Do you want to be remembered as someone who really existed and made his or her mark on the planet or as just someone who once lived?

The choice is yours. But if you feel the same way I do, then I’d say I want to be remembered as someone who really made his mark here on this planet. Hence I am going to keep on writing.

Get ready. I suggest you start today to write your own book.

Now, what am I going to write about?
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You could write about yourself. You could write about your situation. You could write about your pains and sufferings. You could also write about other people and their struggles.

I know one of the reasons why you are putting off writing that book, that drama, that poem, that blog, that novel is simply because you already think writing is very hard. Or you already think that you cannot write what others will find interesting.

Well, listen to me now, who told you all that? Have you even tried in the first place?
Take up your pen and paper, or your computer now. Get inside yourself and think of that very thing which you want others to know about you, or your thinking pattern or some interesting experience you once had.

It is not as hard as you might have thought. Get thinking. Get writing. No one says you should write just one book. In fact, you should be thinking of writing books!

Oh yes. I said it. The good news is that some people achieve fame just by doing something so simple like that. Can you believe that?

Assuming you are considering how difficult writing something might be, listen, I’ll now give you the simple tricks that have always helped me to write even when I don’t clearly have an idea of what to write about or in those confusing moments when writers block threatens to stop me from concluding what I have already started to write.

(1) I think of what to write. I normally invite my subconsciousness at this stage to help guide me all the way with thinking and planning ahead.

(2) I now start to make my first draft. This is just to piece the bones and skeletons together and see if everything will connect just the way I planned it.

(3) I get down writing without bothering if I am getting it right or wrong. I am just interested in voicing out my thought straight on the paper at this stage. My policy here is just write.

(4) I start doing my revisions just to see where corrections will be made. Sometimes I edit to add more things. Sometimes, I edit by removing things. In some occasions, I even delete everything and start afresh.

(5) I make sure I am having fun all the way. If something is done as fun, it is always helps lessens the pains and hard work involved. That’s why when I came up with the ideas to record these thoughts and experiences of mine with you in my mind; I first off make sure that it is going to be fun!

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