Thursday, June 12

Learn How to Use The Other Hand

Trust me, this is a very fun thing to do. I could recall the first day I read in somewhere, I think it was in Awake! magazine. I can’t remember exactly where, but I just decided to do it.

I started practicing to become ambidextrous. Like so many people I know, I am natural righty and I knew it was going to be a real battle trying to convert to a lefty.

But I was determined to do it because they listed the so many benefits that are involved and I didn’t feel like missing out on those. Another motivation for we was that the whole thing sounded like fun. Remember, I have always been a fun seeker!

In the journal, they said that one way of achieving this is by trying to do all those things you normally did with your usual hand with the other hand. They mentioned things like
using the remote controller, or the computer mouse, brushing your teeth, opening jars, and even using can openers.

The part I liked most in what I read was where they clearly stated that using the other hand can actually boost your intelligence by making you to become more logical as well as creative depending on which part of your brain is more developed.

I wanted it all so I set to work. It took me a lot of practicing. It took me a long time. It took me so many scribbling. It took me so a lot of fighting off discouragement from people who couldn’t see the point in whatever useless thing I was trying to achieve.

Believe it or not, there is even a cultural barrier towards doing something like that most especially as the use of left hand is not even encouraged in this part of the world.

C'mon, here, shake my hands
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It took me a lot of determination. Today, I am a leftie, sort of, okay, not yet completely but almost there…

And do you know the sweetest part of the whole exercise? It was even that I got more creative which is true, or that I could speak more languages which I am still trying to do, or that I got more intelligent  because my secret dream is to become a genius - of some sorts. *winks*.

It was even that I was going to become able to ‘read’ others neither was it for the fact that becoming ambidextrous will help me in recalling things from my memory. I wasn’t even the fact that I was going to become more analytical and objective in my thinking.

The sweetest part is the thrill I so often get when people, and sometimes even those who knew me before, find it hard to differentiate if I was a natural righty or leftie!

Yeah, now you know I could be that vain! But it's all part of the fun, you know...?

Besides, I have this strange joy that if something should happen to one of my hands, I won’t even have much difficulty in switching over!

So it’s your turn now.

Try it. Here, let me help you. Switch over your mouse button, for a start... 

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