Tuesday, June 17

Learn Another Language

Learning another language/s is essential if you really want to have the fun of challenging yourself.

Think about it, the more languages you know the more diversified you can become.

Languages have a way of connecting people together. Close your eyes now and imagine yourself in a country where you are a foreigner but no one treats you as such simply because you can speak their indigenous language.

You will agree with me that you won’t have that great feeling of joy knowing that you can easily adapt and blend in that society.

Learning a new language might be so easy for some people and yet so difficult for some others but the one common factor about learning a new language is that it will definitely improve your vocabulary in the language you already know.

A new language: More conversation with different people
Image courtesy: stockimages/freedigitalphotos.net

Learning a new language will help you increase your horizon and world view as well as help you learn and identify and appreciate other culture different from your native one.

Learning a new language can also improve your business.

Imagine how good it will feel when you start showing off your language prowess to your audience and you see it in their eyes their adoration of you because of your expertise and versatility.

Imagine becoming a well known interpreter. Imagine yourself becoming a very popular translator.

Oh my God! Imagine. Imagine... Imagine…

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