Thursday, June 19

Exercise your Body and Mind.

You have exercise your body because your body and your mind are just about the only things in this world that you truly own.
The Health Pyramid
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Treat it good and you will get positive results. Abuse this privilege and you get the negative results.

You need to keep healthy and physically strong to get the best productivity out of yourself because a person who is down in health is of no use to anybody else, much less to himself.

Eat well. Exercise well. Stay fit.

But it shouldn't end there.

As humans, we've also got to take care of our mind. We need to also exercise our mind to keep it agile, alert and working.

There is a very least help we can offer ourselves. Luckily for us, there are so many positive ways to keep our mind fit.

Keeping fit is our day's job!
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We can read good books. We can solve puzzles. We can learn new words. We can study the outside world and make our own judgments.

The aim is to keep us feeling alive while we live.

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