Monday, June 2

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

First off, this is not as easy as it sounds. Our comfort zone has a way of limiting us and preventing us wanting to attain greater heights or from taking that giant leap. Of course, like a habit, we are so used to our different comfort zones and change may not be that easy.

Our comfort zone serves as a barrier which disconnects us from reality by constantly reminding us that things are not yet as bad as we make them to be by providing us with enough cover for us to keep on playing that terrible ostrich-head-in-the-sand game.

Our comfort zone can be described as that block that makes sure that  the best that we can always come up with at any time is to be constantly wishing rather than taking the first step and breaking the ice.

Our comfort zone might also be responsible for making us the type of person that is living in constant fear and self denial.

Our comfort zone can come in various forms. Don't be ashamed. We all have it.

It might be our family, those friends, that boyfriend or girlfriend that we don’t want to leave behind or disconnect from even though we know that doing so will do us more good than bad.

It could be that addiction that we keep on going back to. It could be that job that gets us complaining all the time even though we will still go back there year in year out just because of that ‘safe and steady’ weekly or monthly paycheck. Our comfort zone is responsible for us not wanting to go into business for ourselves even though we know we will feel satisfied and contended with ourselves.

It is always that barrier that tells us that we should never take any risk and always play it be the ears. It is that convincing voice inside our head that is telling us that our ideas are so laughable and stupid and no one is willing to listen to us.

Come, yes, let's take that jump!
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It could be the reason why we don’t want to travel to another city or country because afraid of the unknown. In fact, our comfort zone can be that feeling that tries to always convince us that we should just accept the status quo since we do not have any or much choice.

It could be that tiny voice that is always warning us not to do anything that will embarrass us because it is telling us that the best we can be is the second best. It is not surprising that our comfort zone is also responsible for us settling for the mediocrity and inactivity, consciously or unconsciously.

But that was then.

It’s now time for us to overcome our comfort power and its limiting powers in all ramifications. Don’t think you are alone on this. Like I said earlier, we all have them. I have mine. I know you have yours. I want you know that so many people you see everyday have their own comfort zones that they might also be battling to overcome.

So let’s do it.

Let’s come out and do that something ordinarily you will never want to do. Like finally mustering enough courage to talk to that girl or boy you have been secretly admiring for so long and finally accepting to embarrass yourself by walking up to shake his or her hands and introducing yourself...

Like talking to a random stranger in the bus or in the coffee shop. Like finally deciding to become our own boss. Like finally deciding to move out of our parents home. Like finally deciding to become debt free. Like finally deciding to get into a serious relationship. Like finally accepting that we might be responsible for whatever that might be wrong with our lives presently and stop blaming another person.

In fact, you will agree with me that overcoming our comfort zone should form the basis of what this whole business of adding that spark in our lives because overcoming our comfort zone is all about challenging ourselves and proving to ourselves that we are capable of anything this life can throw to us!

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