Thursday, May 29

Visit Your Old Classmates

I got caught up in this idea and I started wondering if it won’t be such a nice idea if I could just call up all my old school mates, that is those I could still locate, just to catch up some feelings with them.

Think about it, won’t you like to catch up with some of your old school mates? It sounds like fun to me.

You can just call them up and tell them you want to catch up on old memories with them.

They might accept or not. Don’t push it. But I’m guessing those who want to do it with you will certainly like the idea so much.

It would be great to know how they are feeling and how life has fared with them.
I am assuming lots and lots of interesting things will happen if you can make this happen.

Granted we are in the days of Facebook and Skype where you can be socially connected to such friends in a matter of seconds, assuming any of you can find each other on facebook, but then you will agree with me that nothing can beat that physical face-to-face meeting.

Old friends meet again
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Imagine the smiles, the hugs and pumping handshakes, the laughter, the hospitality, the exchange of pleasantries plus mockery and teasing maybe, the gossips and old stories, the recounting of past bullying experiences, the stories about teachers and their idiosyncrasies and wicked nicknames, the reliving of old fair competition, the warmth and sharing of love…oh my God!

And if they’ve got families by now, imagine how happy you will feel when everyone is introduced. If you’ve got some old photographs of you and them, it will be great too.

I’m telling you, a lot of good things can come up with doing such a thing. You might get that connection that will turn your life around for the better from an old friend who is more than willing to help you.

You might even catch an old first love that is not yet taken and might still be interested assuming you are not yet taken yourself. Just imagine the rekindling of the long lost passionate flame of love.

You might find an old trusted friend whom you can go into business with. They will even help you to find out those other friends whom you have completely lost contact with.

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