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Teach Someone Something You Know

You know it. You know there is something you know. You know there is something you will like to teach another person. Well…it’s now time for another person to learn that very thing from you. Yes, it’s time for you to prove your expertise to yourself.

Just think about it. Do you know the number of people who might be waiting to hear and learn from your own experience? Think about the so many humans who might still be confused on one thing or another and your insightful knowledge on such topics could just save them from a lot of difficulties.

You can better their finance. You can improve their sense of worth. You can make them feel special. You can help them save their relationships or marriages. You can keep them entertained with the things you know.

One surprising thing about teaching someone something is that you stand to reap lots and lots of rewards. I am not even talking about the financial reward which is a sure possibility. I am all about that inner happiness you will feel knowing that you are enlightening another person.

Do you know that when you are teaching someone something, you might also be learning more of that same thing? You might also be learning an entirely different thing.

Remember, life itself is a whole lot of learning experience so you don’t lose anything doing this.

We Are All Teachers
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For example, I happen to know my way around mathematics, that is O’level Math and I know I will be more than willing to teach another person. One thing I have noticed is that while I am teaching math, I find myself making use of different stories and pictorial representations and  and making comparisons and on how to make learning math easier for others.

So I am even thinking of how to develop math games with my little knowledge of computer programming just to aid others.

Also, I also know one or two things about the dynamics of relationships. I wrote this article on relationship and so many people from different parts of the world I don’t even know had congratulated and thanked me for helping them out. Granted, some people have also abused me by calling me names too but then, I am not mad at anybody because it’s all part of the fun.

I know there are so many us might shy away from doing this simply because we think we are not just good enough. Or maybe we think we are not good teachers. Or maybe we feel we don’t have the time to do such a thing.

Some of us might even be feeling discouraged from doing this because we are facing the challenges of being face to face with someone out of shyness but then with the internet, we can still get going by publishing your thoughts on a blog. Luckily there are so many article writing platforms of the internet where you can run your show!

Nothing stops you from publishing your thoughts and ideas and knowledge as an eBook which will still fetch you that financial reward I earlier mentioned.

Don’t be afraid. Stop telling yourself that you cannot do it because the truth is that you might not know how good you are in something until you go ahead and do it.

Don’t be overly concerned with thinking that what you are about to teach is so trivial or inconsequential because the truth is that there is someone who might learn from it, even if it is just one person! Don’t be caught up in that limiting thought that no one will have any need of what you are teaching.

Is that okay?


So what do you know? Is it computer programming? Is it how to run an offline business? Is it how to make soft drinks? Or how to cook some nice and tasty dishes? Or even something about equestrian sports?

What exactly do you know? Is it how to overcome masturbation or quit an addiction like smoking? Is it how to get out of debt? Is it how to play the financial market and come out winners all the time?

Whatever. There are so many things which you can teach another person. And it is always the best if you speaking out of personal experience because everybody likes to hear the truth.

It could be tips on how to lift yourself out of depression? Or it could be some ideas on how to get more out of life and add more fun to your life, just like I am doing right now with this very blog? Do you know one or two things about the best ways to do exercises and gain physical fitness?

Just get ready. Just know that so many people have a lot of varying interests so you will always find an interested audience, okay?


It’s time for you to teach us.

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