Saturday, May 11

Show Your Appreciation

Sometimes in our individual lives, we get so caught up in ourselves—in our issues—to the extent that it seems other people don’t just exist in our lives anymore.

We just become so self-absorbed that we neglect other people in our lives who are there for us, helping us out in one little way or the other.

These people may start to feel neglected as a result of our self-absorption.

But it’s not supposed to be that way.

Saturday, October 13

How Awesome Are You?

Yes, I want you to think about it now!

How awesome are you?

Can you really come up with at least a 100 things that makes you awesome?!

Yeah, it’s that time again you do some reality check on yourself.

Do you believe you are awesome?

Okay,  lemme put it this way: do you believe you could be awesome?

Well, I don’t know about you.

But I know I am awesome.

This is not by any means a self praising journey.

It is the truth.

I am awesome.

Let me show you why I think so.

I am always happy.

Thursday, February 1

Make Your Own New Month Resolution

Hi there my good and happy people!

It’s a new month!


At some point, it started to seem as if the month of January wanted to last forever.

But now it’s gone.

Gone forever!

And we are now in February.

Which brings me to why I am reaching out to you right now.

Thursday, April 27

Take Interest In Another Sports

Do you like sports?

Of course, you should.

Anybody who wants to be healthy should love sports, right?

Of course.

But I’m not just talking about your physical fitness here.

Besides, I know you wouldn’t like to ‘stress’ your body so never mind to physically work on yourself... for now.

I’m talking about you taking interest in sporting activities.

I mean, do you pay attention to any sports?

Tuesday, August 23

Spend Less In A Day...

How much do you spend in a day?

Do you have any idea the precise figure?

Or does your daily spending amount vary with the situation?

Or maybe, you are the type that does not just care about such things after all money is meant to spent?

Well, whatever group you find yourself, just take a moment and think about it.

Can you spend less in a day?

If you find out that this question puzzles you, then that’s because it is supposed to.